I've completed three co-ops while studying at Northeastern!

PathAI (2022)
Software Engineer

Starting at PathAI this January, stay tuned for updates!

MORSE Corp (2021)
Python Software Engineer

I started at MORSE working on a small data engineering team maintaing a ML/CV pipeline. After a few months, I started the co-development of a library made for building machine learning pipelines. Once we finished the library, I transitioned to leading a team of 4 engineers in the design of a distributed AI networking project. I wrote system requirements, identified the project's scope, and outlined a test plan for when the product would be implemented.

Software Used: PySpark, Pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn, Pytest, Matplotlib

UEI (2020)
Sales Engineer

At UEI, I worked with the Sales and Applications teams creating internal software soltuions. Towards the end of my time at UEI, I took over the initial testing of UEI's first Python library.

Software Used: VBA, tkinter, OpenCV, JSwing

Here's a list of classes I've taken so far!


Algorithms & Data, Object-Oriented Design, Networks & Distributed Systems, Computer Systems

Data Science

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning & Data Mining


Digital Logic Design, Embedded Design, Circuits & Signals